Video Compression Algorithm Based on Frame Difference Approaches


  • MuzhirShaban Al-Ani
  • Talal Ali Hammouri



Discrete Wavelet Transform, Video Compression, Frame Selection Key, Compression Performance and Near Distance Calculation


The huge usage of digital multimedia via communications, wireless communications, Internet, Intranet, and cellular mobile leads to incurable growth of data flow through these Media. The researchers go deep in developing efficient techniques in these fields such as compression of data, image, and video. Recently, video compression techniques and their applications in many areas (educational, agriculture, medical …) cause this field to be one of the most interesting fields. Wavelet transform is an efficient method that can be used to perform an efficient compression technique. This work deals with the development of an efficient video compression approach based on frames difference approaches that concentrated on the calculation of frame near distance (difference between frames). The selection of the meaningful frame depends on many factors such as compression performance, frame details, frame size, and near distance between frames. Three different approaches are applied for removing the lowest frame difference. In this paper, many videos are tested to ensure the efficiency of this technique, in addition, a good performance result has been obtained.


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Al-Ani, M. ., & Hammouri, T. A. . (2021). Video Compression Algorithm Based on Frame Difference Approaches . Scholars Journal of Science and Technology, 2(4), 378–385.