Design of Cortical Neuron Circuits With VLSI Design Approach


  • A.D. Tete Research scholar, G.H.Raisoni College of Engg., Nagpur
  • Dr.



Neocortex, Dendritic morphology, Oscillatory Neuron, Cortical neuron


A simple CMOS circuitry using a very less number of MOSFETs reproduce most of the electrophysiological cortical neuron types and is capable of producing a variety of different behaviors with a diversity similar to that of real biological neuron cell. The firing pattern of basic cell classes like regular spiking (RS), chattering (CH), intrinsic bursting (IB), and fast-spiking(FS) are obtained with a simple adjustment of only one biasing voltage makes the circuit suitable for applications in reconfigurable neuromorphic devices that implement biologically resemble circuit of the cortex. This paper discusses spice simulation of the various spiking pattern ability with required and firing frequency of a given cell type. The circuit operation is verified for both conditions-constant input and pulsating input.


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Tete, A., & Deshmukh, . A. (2021). Design of Cortical Neuron Circuits With VLSI Design Approach . Scholars Journal of Science and Technology, 2(4), 361–377.