Medical Image Processing Methodology for Liver Tumour Diagnosis


  • Thayalini Prakash Department of Software Engineering, University of Westminster, UK



CT abdominal image, Medical Image processing, liver segmentation, Tumour region extraction


Applying the Image processing techniques to analyse the medical images may assist medical professionals, as well as patients, especially in this research, apply the algorithms to diagnose the liver tumours from the abdominal CT image. This research proposes a software solution to illustrate automated liver segmentation and tumour detection using artificial intelligence techniques. Evaluate the results of the liver segmentation and tumour detection, in-cooperation with the radiologists by using the prototype of the proposed system. This research overcomes the challenges in medical image processing. The 100 samples were collected from ten patients and received a 90% accuracy rate.


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Prakash, T. . (2021). Medical Image Processing Methodology for Liver Tumour Diagnosis. Scholars Journal of Science and Technology, 2(1), 229–238.